Sunday, March 5, 2017

it's my journey- what a long strange trip it's been

i so value my time with my artist friends. we bounce ideas, check in, learn from each other. tonight 2 of my friends were talking about thinking of giving up making art. one decided to just go with having fun instead of trying to figure out what will sell. the other is thinking about things- where to go next, what to do. 

it gets discouraging making art that sits in a closet until you drag it out for a show and then pick it up and stick it back in the closet. not because it's bad art, but because the right person didn't see it.

we got to talking about some of the local artists we know who sell. some of them bore me to death- well executed art that was interesting when i first saw it, but not so much years later. then there are those who continue to explore, either with materials and subject matter or by delving deeper into their chosen media and subject matter and keeping it fresh and interesting.

i'm an explorer. it's a good thing that i have a day job- it frees me up to play. in chronological order, a sample of my art from the past 10 or so years- 

the common thread? i am interested in the natural world. photography is a long time love that feeds future projects. i like to learn and experiment. i love the fact that many of these pieces are out in the world brightening someone's home (or a Boise street), but i am equally happy with the work in the journal pages that has improved my drawing skills and let me experiment with different media. 

i've come to trust and enjoy the process. since leaving the gallery and the pressure of creating new art on a schedule and since i have been traveling so much for work i have not completed many pieces of art. i have been on numerous photo safaris and have filled my instagram feed with iphone pics but i haven't been painting a lot. surprisingly that's OK. i am still creative, and i am really curious to see where this takes me when i do have studio time.

one thing i do know- i will not stop making art. be nice if it was selling, but i will keep going regardless. it's a big part of who i am.

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