Monday, February 20, 2017

two steps forward...

there's my valentine! love & mercy raised $175 for a local AIDS awareness program. 

it's always a good way to start the year with a focused art project.

i've also been drawing and working in my journals, tho not as regularly as perhaps i should be. here's jack watching the super bowl

and a page remembering my trip to california in january-

i've been traveling a lot- for both fun and work- but it does cut into my art making time.

i am still trying to figure out how find time to make and sell my art this year. hopefully there will be less travel and more studio time, but if not i am going to work on doing small watercolor sketches while i travel and consistently carve out studio time when i don't. i do have a group first thursday show in may and a solo one planned for august, so there are deadlines to work toward.

additionally, i was asked to participate in a fundraiser for surel's place this year. fun out of the box project, using shrinky dinks to make a piece of art to be auctioned off. sounds like a fun thing to play around with and i'm looking forward to it.

still working on my totem series. this burrowing owl is being done with oil sticks and i'm having fun drawing with them. lots of possibilities.

i'm home for 2 weeks and looking forward to some studio time. still trying to figure out how to best set myself up to work on the road (beyond sketching), how to set myself a studio up in fairfield, as spring is coming and i will be spending a lot of time up there with my camera. there's a way to make this work, and it's coming together, just need to sit down and think about it.

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