Sunday, December 11, 2016

daily drawings and traveling art kit

here's my daily drawing kit. i do have a few journals that i use- the swedish english dictionary in the upper left and 2 stillman & birn journals- one soft covered and one hard.

i love these watercolor pencils. bought them cuz i liked the tin- easier to bring along than a wide 12 by. soon found out that they're softer and blend better than the others i had used.

pens- i love pens. the staedtler pigment liners are the best. i also really love water soluble graphite- the derwent graphitone pencils and the art graf tailor blocks.

lastly- the watercolor kit. a gift from my sis & nephew. i would have never spent this much for a travel kit but i'm glad i have it- love the quality of the pigment. 

these are the tools that i use most often. i keep trying to reduce and refine, but this is where i end up. this and my camera (aka phone)

more daily drawings to follow, now you know how they're made

Sunday, December 4, 2016

dear universe- i hear you

 this is the art i have been making mostly for the past year- drawing in my journal. learning media and practicing my drawing.

this work has led to me wanting to work on paper, and to pieces like those below (both of which are sold)

 drawing has also led to my totem series, paintings of animals from photos i've taken over backgrounds incorporating their spiritual meaning. part of the reason i wanted to learn to draw is to be able to render animals without gridding or tracing. 

i'm pleased with the results- the top one was chosen for a boise weekly cover

these communicate what i want them to as well- i'm proud of them

so i've been following my path as best i can given that life happens. 

the universe has recently made it clear that it's time to make art. i sold two pieces at the beginning of our first thursday show in november (the raven & buffalo above); was commissioned to do a raven piece (below); had a friend ask about christmas cards & buy some and got an invite to participate in a holiday studio open house with a good friend and amazing artist.

 oh, and got sucked into cyber monday and bought nikon wildlife kit- great new camera and lens on the way. the other epiphany is that i do take damn good photos and should be able to generate income from those.

2017 looks like the year to apply everything i learned in 2016. it's been a year of movement, growth and learning and i can't wait to see what art comes out of it-