Monday, February 22, 2016

one step forward- or knowing when to take a break

on monday, molly lost her battle with osteosarcoma. if heart could have beat it, she'd still be with us. she was charging out the door to meet the world until the end. she left us as she did everything else- on her own terms. we woke up and she was gone- no letting anyone else decide for her. rest in peace, molly- we miss you

losing molly and coming down with a cold it was a bit of a struggle to feel like creating. morning pages are hard to do. all i want to do is curl up with some mindless reading and drift off to sleep.

of course, the job that pays the bills has other ideas and i was off to lubbock again. lucky enough to enjoy this beautiful view from a window seat

i am also disciplined enough to make myself draw in my travel journal, so i did finish a 2 page spread-

i received a post on my great wide open art facebook page from the person who purchased my valentine for aids- . i always like to hear from people who have my art- i love that my pieces go off into the world and mean different things to people. it's as though they develop a life of their own after leaving the studio. it's nice how these reminders come at the right time- as i'm feeling a bit down about creating and getting anything out there, getting a note from someone like this is a big boost.

the cold came on with a vengeance and it was couch and book and nyquil and nap time for much of the weekend. i managed to get into the studio yesterday afternoon to work on my print for the wingtip press leftovers print exchange, but i just couldn't get it done. i couldn't get the area next to the stem of the wineglass right. i'm sure that with a bit more work it would be OK but at this point i was tired and cranky and decided that sometimes instead of taking 2 steps back it's better to just stop. so i did.

looking forward to feeling better and getting going again next week. down time is a necessary part of the process for me, and i know that, but i do miss being in my studio and creating too. it's going to be a couple of weeks before that's a possibility, so it's going to be photography and drawing and planning in the meantime. 

til next week-

Sunday, February 14, 2016

what is art?

Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts – artworks, expressing the author's imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.

I love looking down and seeing patterns when i fly. some day, i will figure out what to do with all of the from an airplane window shots but for now i'll just appreciate what i get to see. this is on approach to o'hare- the snow making the patterns really stand out.

and from my hotel room- again, enjoying the patterns and different perspective.

doodles done in meetings

and the trip's travel pages- 

is any of this art? all of it? none of it? it's a record of a point in time as i saw it, and i always look for a connection with others, but i don't know that i'd say these are intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.
"Above all, artists must not be only in art galleries or museums — they must be present in all possible activities. The artist must be the sponsor of thought in whatever endeavor people take on, at every level." Michelangelo Pistoletto
i got home from chicago and jumped on a flight to portland to go the one motorcycle show

the show is held in a warehouse (giving me visions of warehouse art shows) and there are all sorts of motorcycles and moto paraphernalia, including art and clothing.

the bikes are artfully staged

some are just plain art

i saw a great deal of attention to detail in the colors selected, repetition of shape and color in parts of the bikes, etc. some were just beautiful and looked fast. some were more utilitarian, but artful in their simplicity. i don't know anything (or care much) about motorcycles, but there was definitely enough to keep my artist interested and thinking about different types and definitions of art.

i also started my french/english dictionary on the trip- it's intended to be my vacation journal (one of them anyway) this year, so it seemed a good idea to jump in.

i like the broader definition of art- the one that includes artfully arranged flowers and table settings as much as artfully painted oils. what do you think?

Sunday, February 7, 2016


absolutely love that there's a little colorado flag in this photo taken at dia-

this week was denver then fort worth. not much time for play- but that's how it goes sometimes. get there, work; move on, work; get home, work.....

i'm so grateful that i have the day job that allows me to travel and to live in boise and make a good living. i think about that every time i am stuck in traffic in another city with people who have to fight that battle daily.

but- i will be home 7 of the next 28 days- that's right- one week of the next 4. not concurrently. some of it's vacation, but it's still a huge amount of time not to be home. huge.

there are local events that are important to me to be a part of. 

another is the annual leftovers print exchange (even tho i am not much of a print maker). this one raises funds and consciousness about food safety and accessibility, so a food theme is appreciated. i'm going with an image from my travel journal-

needs a bit more work, but that's why test prints, right? got some input from lisa that helped and feeling like i may have something acceptable by the due date. having fun playing with printmaking- and loving incorporating something i drew into the process. everything is connected.

off to chicago/portland/lubbock/the keys/chicago with a day or two at home in between. can't wait to see what i learn :)