Sunday, December 11, 2016

daily drawings and traveling art kit

here's my daily drawing kit. i do have a few journals that i use- the swedish english dictionary in the upper left and 2 stillman & birn journals- one soft covered and one hard.

i love these watercolor pencils. bought them cuz i liked the tin- easier to bring along than a wide 12 by. soon found out that they're softer and blend better than the others i had used.

pens- i love pens. the staedtler pigment liners are the best. i also really love water soluble graphite- the derwent graphitone pencils and the art graf tailor blocks.

lastly- the watercolor kit. a gift from my sis & nephew. i would have never spent this much for a travel kit but i'm glad i have it- love the quality of the pigment. 

these are the tools that i use most often. i keep trying to reduce and refine, but this is where i end up. this and my camera (aka phone)

more daily drawings to follow, now you know how they're made

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