Friday, November 4, 2016

daily drawing 11.4.16

jack evidently doesn't find mockingjay any more exciting than baseball! staedtler liner pen, water soluble graphite and watercolor pencils.

and the first page in the  stillman & birn zeta journal that i bought in san francisco is done. i like the heavier paper in this one- it stands up to more media and wetter applications than the epsilon, but has the same nice smooth white paper that works so well with's a snapshot of my last week. this one doesn't go on the road with me, hence the break in dates.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your art speaks to me. I suspect you are a Cubs fan. I rooted for them. That new art journal sounds wonderful. I've never heard of that brand, but it sounds like it holds up well to mixed media art.

Zue said...

It's really useful to sketch every day; keeps the creative juices flowing.
Must give that a try.
I guess you love animals and you draw them so well. I never thought they were the easiest of subjects.
Have a great weekend.

marianne said...

thanks! bluebird- they are wonderful to draw in- the paper is really smooth and takes pen nicely. there are different weights- zeta is the heaviest.
zue- it has improved my drawing immensely, not to mention making me take time to sit down and slow down and be in that moment. highly recommend.

Barb said...

Your patient practice has paid off. It seems not so long ago you had reservations about sketching. Glad you're getting such enjoyment from it.