Sunday, October 30, 2016

studio m show and daily drawing 10.30.16

hung my first show in over a year today- yay! this one is really fun because it's with the studio group. here's the story:

for several years, nancy panganiban, pam mcknight, sue rooke, jaki katz, lynn fraley, lisa cheney and myself have gotten together regularly in my studio for art and discussion. the fellowship and creativity that flows from these sessions enriches our art practices. We learn new techniques, try out different media, solve problems and share ideas and opportunities.

nancy and i met when we took art lessons with kathy wren, who died of cancer in 2007. one of the last things she said to me was “promise me that you’ll still get together and paint”. we found various places to do that over the years. pam came to an open group we set up in the side room at boise blue. i met jaki through the art source gallery and sue, lynn and lisa through BOSCO (we all became members eventually).

once my studio was built, studio sundays began. the group works in a variety of media (sculpture, assemblage, printmaking, oil and acrylic painting, mixed media and mixed media collage, bookmaking, art journaling) and styles and it’s been interesting to see how we encourage/influence each other to branch out. we travel to studio m annex in fairfield annually for a weekend of art making and have art dates around town on occasion as well. 

here's a sample of what's on the walls- (missing nancy's work)

i am looking forward to sharing first thursday with these women. it's so much fun to see our art hanging together, just us as a group. these women have helped me figure out how to finish pieces, celebrated successes, commiserated over set backs, taught and encouraged me so much over the years. we drink wine and laugh and have political discussions, talk about music and books and life. it's a special group, and i feel so fortunate to have them.

in other news- jack is still sleeping through baseball (i must not yell as much as i do when watching football) but at least the cubbies won tonight!

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