Thursday, October 6, 2016

daily drawing

 playing tonight in my handmade journal- stonehenge paper. a small scene from my studio. she is much too dark, the pen i used wasn't waterproof (ugh).

i was trying out different water soluble media.i love w/s graphite. in pretty much any form- pencil or block, doesn't matter. it's great for shading and for filling in large areas of background. the colors are generally more earth toned. i have derwent pencils & blocks & artgraf tailor squares- which are the squares you can see above the journal. right side of the page is sanguin artgraf w/s graphite.

i have a couple sets of watercolor pencils. the larger tin on the left is derwent, which i've had and not really used. i bought the daler rowney tin on the right because it's easier to bring along in my purse. consequently, i've started using the pencils in my travel journal. the derwent blended really well here, with the daler rowney showing more lines. which is fine depending on the look one wants. will have to experiment with these more. i suspect colors behave differently.

note to self: remove all non waterproof pens from your kit! unless you WANT them to smear....

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Barb said...

I love how you experiment and learn.