Sunday, October 2, 2016

into the great wide open.....

i thought about starting another blog dedicated to drawing and art journaling since that's what i've been doing lately. focus and all. but this page has always been about making art when and how i do to fit in my life, and that's how it happens now. so no new blog, just a new direction with this one.

this is the most used mobile kit-winsor newton travel watercolor kit (fabulous vibrant colors- not cheap, but worth it); w/n w/c sticks in the altoids tin; pen/pencil bag including great parisian serviette for blotting/drying, pencil sharpener, brushes; daler rowney water soluble colored pencil tin.....these are the items that i love and use consistently.

best pens below- the staedtler is waterproof, comes in a variety of widths and writes nicely. signo nice broad white marks; white gelly roll does softer highlights (neither waterproof). water soluble graphite is awesome for shading. lastly, the pentel brush pen- still figuring it out, but love the nice dark water soluble (making shading possible) ink.

my typical set up

the end result........(finished in the hotel room)

more drawings done the same evening- 2 & 3 below

practicing people-

also took plenty of photos this trip (as always)

but i'm finding that putting pen/marker/paintbrush/etc. to paper adds another dimension.

here's to layers, meaning and continued exploration and learning-

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