Saturday, October 8, 2016

daily drawing

 fun art crawl today- pop up shows in various establishments downtown. it was a beautiful day & great hanging with friends. because i knew we'd be out & walking a bunch i opted for the lightest thing to bring- a book & a pen. and when we sat down, this is what i did. moleskin notebook & sharpie pen.

at home and inspired by the art, went into the studio. working with the pentel brush pen. this is a collaged background so it's more slick than absorbent due to the use of gel medium. did like the ability to pull highlights by using a paper towel to absorb the ink. the white pens are great for putting highlights back in as needed (see eye & beak)

raven from a photo of mine

on the spot drawing not great- but i drew. much happier with the raven-


Karen Koch said...

I'm glad to see your blog, Marianne, and get a glimpse into your process. The raven is amazing!

marianne said...

Thanks Karen- and thanks for visiting!