Saturday, October 29, 2016

daily drawing(s) 10.29.16

dinner with friends tonight. pam & I went early to grab a table, catch up & draw. this is my loosen up drawing. one great piece of advice that I recently read was doodle, do a warm up sketch- anything that puts pen to paper- if you're having a hard time starting. makes sense to me

this first sketch is the warm up. I still need to work on making tables, napkins, etc. lay down. the angle is way off on the left side. I seem to have drawing wine glasses down pretty well tho.

these were our cute little table decorations. be more interesting with something else in the photo for context no doubt- wine or water glass, salt & pepper shakers, anything. but that's ok. next time.

first drawing in the stillman & birn zeta journal purchased in san fran. I like this paper very much. it's thicker than the epsilon, which means it stands up to water media in layers better. it's still really smooth and nice for pen work. I think it will be fun to work in.

jack didn't watch the cubs tonight- which probably makes him just as happy. it would have made me happier.

hanging a show tomorrow- my first in a while- can't wait!

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