Saturday, October 8, 2016

daily drawing

2 small ones today- first while getting my hair done, second the new grand puppy, crashed between play bouts.

the go to traveling kit is below- staedtler liner pen, derwent graphitone water soluble graphite pencils, winsor newton watercolor travel box and the recently added daler rowney watercolor pencil box.

this kit serves me well, and it's a great go to travel option, but i do want to challenge myself and try other things. i have lots of fun journaling supplies. i end up bringing all of them when i can & still using the kit above. this is why i am trying other things in my studio and blogging about them. i may find something that i love and need to add to the kit or i may decide that i had it right all along......


Barb said...

I'm wondering if the wine is part of hte kit??

marianne said...

seems that way, doesn't it? but no, it's not