Thursday, October 6, 2016

daily drawing

stillman & birn epsilon journal, mixed media

this evening's experiment- drawing in my studio with permanent pen and the little used media below- watercolor crayons purchased at barnes & noble; distress crayons, derwent art bar, koi watercolor markers, pentel brush pen, gelato and water soluble graphite.

i've had the koi markers and pentel brush pen for a few years. loved the idea of the markers, carry them with me on trips, never use them. when i used those, the w/c crayons (and other w/c crayon items), the art bar while doing test pages and liked how they handled i finally realized that the color palette is just too bright for how i usually work. that's when i purchased the distress crayons & gelatos.

both birds were drawn with a pitt pen and shaded with the brush pen. it will take a bit to become proficient using the brush pen- working the ink while it's still wet enough to shade, or knowing how wet to have the paper to start, but it's a great tool and worth learning.

color in the bottom left is added with the koi markers. they blend nicely- with water or a blending marker. the doll's dress above is a little muddy because they blend. note to self- be careful with that one.

of the remaining items, the artbar is smoothest, softest and blends the best. this is what was used for the color in the drawer on bottom right. watercolor crayons were used in the background of the doll, and show more of the marks made. gelato used in background of the crow. the first layer went on and blended well, the second is a bit streakier than i wanted, but i think that with a little practice that can be worked out.

i was also curious to see how this journal handled water media. the paper is wonderful to draw on with pen but i wasn't sure how well it would do with something wetter. pretty happy with the results there- i won't be doing watercolors in it, but the pages didn't buckle and for the most part media spread nicely. be interesting to try these in one of my hand made journals with more absorbent paper & see how differently they behave.

end result: i'll keep traveling with the koi markers and make an effort to use them. and keep practicing with the pentel brush pen. gelatos have a spot in the travel kit for now. love the derwent art bar but they're hard to pack and very temp sensitive, so less likely to make a trip. i'll try the other items out on different paper and see how that goes.

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