Wednesday, October 5, 2016

daily drawing

in order to motivate myself and continue to improve, i'm going to post a daily drawing.

these were done in the book below, which i made in 2014. i love these journals. they're about 7x6.5 and the covers are collaged and painted manilla folders, which creates a lightweight, flexible and attractive personalized surface. as you can see, i also like to accessorize!

knowing that empty white pages can be difficult to overcome (and dreaming of florida) i included a signature of pages colored with acrylic ink.

first 2- one on the right done in our hotel in Jackson with pen and water soluble graphite.

on the left, on a page prepared with acrylic ink using pen, water soluble graphite and marker.

purchased the dr. phil martin bombay ink with a 1/2 price coupon at aaron bros. i'm always on the lookout for waterproof products so that i can layer without reactivating. these have a nice transparent look. spritzed the pages with water, added ink, kept adding water until i got the saturation that i wanted. then drew with my staedlter liner pen.

i added water soluble graphite to create shading. this may get more work later, but it was a good exercise.

my goal is to post a drawing, complete with products used, daily. i'm going to try to go through my studio and use all of the products i've purchased for journaling over the years. maybe i'll find some new favorites!

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