Sunday, October 16, 2016

daily drawing (and thoughts) 10.16.16

been diligent about the daily drawing since October 5. they're not all great (or even good), but i am doing it. i can tell that i'm getting more confident and i'm playing with different media and looking for different subjects to practice on- all good stuff. even a quickly dashed off image is a daily drawing- and that's how i will get better at speed drawing.

today, an image from the studio in my handmade journal on sheet music. thin, non absorbent paper. didn't react at all well when i added water to the ink. so- dry media. it's all about experimenting.

this is my go to travel kit. winsor newton watercolor kit, art graf, derwent graphitone & pacific arc water soluble graphite. love love love these for shading and, in the case of the art graf, filling in backgrounds. next- brushpen with water reservoir in the handle. great travel option. white gel pen and white signo pen- signo for bolder lines, gel for softer. write on anything black pen, 2 staedtler liners, pentel brush pen, elegant writer calligraphy pen, which bleeds beautifully, silver signo & gold gel. straw for siphoning water to the w/c kit, eraser and thick paper napkin for blotting. 

i keep trying to pare things down, but this is as small as i've gotten if i really want options. below is how it fits all put together- not too bad.

these are the books. stillman & birn epsilon series journal- such nice paper for pen & light water media. this is what i do the vignettes in. next, handmade journal- i have made several of these. the cover is painted & collaged manilla folder and the pages are generally stonehenge printmaking paper, tho i experiment with other papers. sometimes i make backgrounds with ink before binding the book, some pages are blank, some have prepped backgrounds. these books are about 7 x 6.5, lightweight and sturdy. lastly, the swedish english dictionary the my friend gave me- small, lightweight and the text adds an interesting background.

i decided to learn to draw because i wanted to be able to create larger pieces without having to grid out the image to make it look right. it works, as does using a projector, but i find the process tedious and when working from a photo there's a certain amount of alteration required. there's also less of my hand (or style) evident.

it's been a little over a year since i really applied myself and i see the results. have a group show coming up next month that will feature my totem series paintings, and i am pleased to have been able to draw these- not trace, not grid, but draw. funny to realize that this is what i was working toward.

looking forward to getting these out in the world. started a pelican tonight, too. hope to get her completed before we hang on the 30th. so excited for my first show in over a year! 

it is possible to learn to draw- it's a skill, like anything else. the trick for me was becoming comfortable with my style and allowing imperfection. it's good to strive for correct proportion, perspective, etc., but not the end of the world (in a sketchbook) if i don't quite get it. because that's how i get better. can't wait to see what's next!

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