Thursday, October 27, 2016

daily drawing 10.27.16

no sports, not traveling- studio time! painting, watching ink master, sipping some wine- and - gotta draw something. a) it's OK if it's something i've drawn before. b) play with some new supplies. c) yeah- muddy icky colors out of proportion- this is why you are doing this- for practice and to learn. 

probably the hardest thing for me to do is believe that it's OK to fuck something up. make a mistake. we all do. life goes on. lots of people won't even know that i made whatever major error i see. some might even like the less than perfect end result.....

i am always my own harshest critic. committing to drawing daily has been interesting. my skill level has improved. my willingness to try something has as well. i feel the need to draw each day- it's a commitment to myself, and posting on the blog helps with that. the biggest thing is that i am easier on myself- the point is to draw. get that done. put it out there. appreciate my improvement.

there is so much wrong with this drawing- but it doesn't matter. it exists separately from my studio. accuracy doesn't matter. having enough skill to convey the idea does. composition, use of negative space and color make things interesting. 

it's nice to have this way to record small moments in my life.

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