Thursday, October 20, 2016

daily drawing 10.20.16

trip to lubbock, today's drawing on the right. these were done (mostly) with staedtler liner pens and daler rowney watercolor pencils, with a touch of watercolor paint. the blue is from a set of brush pens that i bought at albertsons- 5 colors with water soluble paint in them. thought they'd be fun to play with. did that part when i got home.

i feel challenged with these sketches- don't like the coffee maker (lower left) or backpack (top right) too well- they're dark and hard to understand. but that's why practice, right?

i did pop into my favorite art supply store in lubbock and found this little watercolor kit- i wanted better quality paints than i have in the kit that travels with me for work in a smaller set than the winsor newtons i carry otherwise. these are cotman- a step up from what i did have and the set was reasonable. i like them better than the daler rowney aquafine set that i was using.

this is me working on the plane on the way home. nice to have a small, portable kit-

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