Thursday, October 13, 2016

daily drawing 10.13.16

staedtler liner in a moleskin journal. i've had this little journal in my purse since 2013- i used to use it on business trips, but haven't for a long time. as i have committed to a drawing a day, tho, it has returned. 

today was busy at work, as the first day back from a trip always is. then i met my friend for dinner & went to see jackson browne. great show. i started to draw him at the piano, but clueless guy next to me tried to use that to start a conversation, so i put the notebook away.

so, lynn & i had to go have a post concert drink so i could get my drawing in. works for me!

what i figured out today:

  • i'm in the habit of drawing now, i would have missed it had i not drawn something
  • i need to always carry a small notebook & a pen i like to draw with
  • i actually like to draw with pen, because even tho it's terrifying it keeps me from erasing 9 million times until something is "just right"

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