Tuesday, October 11, 2016

daily drawing 10.11.16

first up, I brought this book specifically because I knew that the backgrounds might be good for this hotel and that it might be a good place to use these backgrounds- which I've been struggling with a bit.

luckily, I had some time to sit at the pool and drew

back in my room, using watercolor paints and pencils. I had fun playing with layers of w/c (glazes maybe) to create darks and separation from the cabanas.

in the stillman & birn epsilon series book- a lighthouse (inland in texas) and the light in my hotel room.

  • love the staedtler pigment liner pens. love the way the stillman & birns journal paper takes pen & pencil, pleasantly surprised with how it takes light washes of water media.
  • I keep bringing too much stuff. I did draw in 2 books, but have another I haven't used, and too much stuff to draw with.
  • glad I brought and used my handmade journal
  • I like my winsor newton w/c kit better than the nice flat little aquafine I keep for my work kit. the colors just aren't as nice.
  • stop bringing markers! (see #2)
  • or- just bring markers and use them
let's see how tomorrow goes- more people sleeping on planes no doubt

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