Monday, August 15, 2016

back to the drawing board

spent some time this week revisiting vacations & finishing up journal pages. always so much fun to do this and remember the trip-

i did this page a few years ago and never liked it much- the pelican is an image transfer and i had her outlined against the background, no color. planning a trip back to the keys and excited about it, so i painted her in and added the compass- like it much better now, but will likely add more words..

i've been pretty good about working in this book over the past month- both in boise and on the road. i'm challenging myself to draw things besides wine glasses & coffee cups and am going to try more detailed images on a full page at some point. meantime, just glad i'm sticking with it.

i'm also figuring out ways of working on paper. i have a bunch of water soluble media that i can draw with- pencils, crayons, markers, etc- most of which i never use. thought it would be a good exercise to see how they blend, which reactivate, which i can write/draw over when dry, etc.

2 full pages later i have a much better idea how they all act. i also realized that the reason i never use the koi watercolor markers that i carry around (very top left) is that i feel like the colors are too bright. if i'm drawing from life, nothing is any of those colors. except maybe the water in the keys & the odd patio umbrella. so. figure out how to blend or get bolder with colors. find bright things to draw- umbrellas, the sky, etc.

those, the neocolors or the watercolor crayons are the smallest and easiest to pack with me, should i want something besides my watercolors. of course, all are dandy for playing in the studio, which i will have to do more of.

up next- trip to denver for work including a bonus red rocks concert (ryan adams), so i will figure out what supplies to take for that. also planning a camping trip to the dry tortugas, which necessitates some thought, as i need to bring the good camera & a few lenses and will have to pack light on the rest of the supplies.

it's good to get things out to play with- we'll see what inspiration comes from it-

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Barb said...

Have fun in Denver and say hi to your parents from me. Maybe Denver will be deserted - I think everyone is in the mts! Glad it's soon the off season. I always like seeing your work. The journals are amazing. I want to make a book out of our beach photos but I'm too lazy to start!