Sunday, July 24, 2016

touchstones,totems and commonality

i was so happy to complete this piece and send it off as a thank you to my friends who were such wonderful hosts in memphis. it's like a journal page- background incorporates ephemera from my trip. carole and i have always enjoyed music together. especially guitar music. this was so much fun to do and it reminded me of the great visit we had and of the joy of communicating through art. 

i went to the boise blues fest and practiced people drawing. i need more practice. but i started. i drag books and pens with me everywhere. i always count it good when i actually use them. i bought this sketchbook to practice drawing people and fully expect to suck at it for a while (intellectually anyway- irrationally i expect to be good, now, damnit).

and- studio time. when i think about things that resonate in my life- touchstones- i think about music, friendship and nature.

on the nature front, the totem series progresses. these are all photos that i have taken which will become paintings.

liking the pronghorn buck, calling him done

next up: ms. owl

i am thinking about symbolism. myth and stories and things that touch our hearts- music, word, visual art. there are so many ways that we can connect- so much that we have in common vs. things that drive us apart. 

here's to the commonality-

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Carole Hannigan said...

I had so much fun showing you my city. It was so cool to catch up after not seeing each other in 25 yrs. But some things never change. Thanks so much for your artwork. I'm proud to own a piece of it. Come back anytime. The exact location of the mythical crossroad awaits. <3