Sunday, July 31, 2016

totems and touchstones part 2

fort worth this week, with an unplanned overnight in denver.

i was sooooooo glad to get home.

and see friends- this local restaurant follows me on instagram, so i thought it would be fun to journal when we met friends there for dinner. these are the friends we met in paris, so it brought that back a little bit too.

we're hanging a gypsy gallery show on monday- we do this quarterly, switching off with a photography group. i wanted something new. first thought about printing some journal pages because even tho it seems odd to me people seem to love them and have told me that they'd hang 'em on their walls....

who am i to argue? but the good printer is low on ink and i can't buy those cartridges locally. so. plan b. 

plan b activated on sunday. i painted the owl and thought " well, that was fun and i learned some things, but amateurish and just no. so pam came in the studio and liked it. i was still skeptical (no dis to pam). then more positive reinforcement. so there ya go. 

i also completed these 2 this afternoon. i have long enjoyed the combination of words & visual art. i also think i can paint this raven forever. i love her crown and fluffiness and attitude. she looks a bit less melancholy here than she did in my valentine for aids piece.

and number 3. with the sepia background bc it was not a clean piece of paper otherwise.

i love having a place to hang to get me motivated and am so happy that i do have some new work to contribute. so much fun using techniques and mediums that i've learned to use in my journaling practice.

if you're in boise, stop by cw moore bldg. if not, thanks for stopping by-

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