Sunday, July 10, 2016

studio time!

this week's journey was to austin- where i got to see the bats fly out from the congress street bridge. so cool. other than being miserably hot & humid, it's a great town & i'd be happy to spend more time there.

 went to shoot the burrowing owls and had good light, but only one owl was out. 

i did get this amazing light the next morning, though......

then back to boise to meet a friend. i finally finished this painting for her. the one on the right, addie, died shortly after we lost molly. we used to hike with 7 dogs and only 3 of them are still with us. i painted molly to mark her passing and wanted to do the same for addie.  

and some art journaling while listening to music.....

then home and studio- rainy day today and studio time with the art crew was great-

i finished vixen

 and made great progress on the pronghorn, next in the totem series-

he's not quite done, but doesn't need a lot more work i don't think.

he'll be joining in the mule deer, fox and moose in search of a show when he's done and once i finish a few more pieces- an owl, raven, hawk and possibly bear and buffalo.

 it feels so great to be painting again! travel reductions coming at work, more studio time in sight- 

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