Monday, July 4, 2016


hiked through an area that was burned about 3 years ago this weekend. it's always fascinating for me to go into these places. this was a big fire, and burned a long time. the year after the burn we went into a different spot and it was hard to believe that anything would ever grow there again. there were floods and slides because there was no vegetation to hold the soil. but still life takes hold.

this weekend, we walked through a forest of charred trees, some like totem poles bearing witness.

the contrast between the burned trees and rampant vegetation beneath them is startling.

i see groupings of plants that i want to remember for my garden

and impossibly lush fields of flowers 

we walked through miles of lupine and penstemon growing in an old road bed. as the air warmed, the perfume of flowers filled the air.

i am reminded that in every end there is a beginning.

this is the summer of owls for me on the marsh. interestingly, owl symbolism includes "....the feminine and fertility, with the moon's cycles of renewal....."

i have been fortunate to find a short eared owl who is happy to pose for me. she has let me get amazingly close on several occasions (using a big lens & cropped sensor). very pleased with the opportunity to get better at using my equipment and the clarity of the photos.

i have also found a burrowing owl nest. the alfalfa was cut in the past few weeks, and i was glad to be able to see these guys in the field. hadn't seen the babies before, but as the adults were standing guard on a fence post nearby the last few times i was here i figured they were around. if these aren't the cutest things, i don't know what is. need to get back in the evening with better light before they're all gone.

 i have not had any studio time and am beginning to miss it. the owls want to be painted and i have a few other projects to finish.

i did get a page done in the travel journal for the yellowstone/beartooth/gtnp trip. so much fun going back and doing these- it's a great way to remember the trip. and makes me want to go again.

i've decided that it would be good to be able to draw people, so i bought a journal (because of course one must have a dedicated book for each project, right?) in menninger's when i was in colorado last week. i did want a slightly bigger book with smooth paper so i guess it made sense :) 

here's the first try, done at an extended family reunion party this weekend. didn't know many people. so this was an excellent project to have on hand. doesn't look much like the woman, but that's OK- it's all about practice, and daring to try. a beginning. 


Judy Wood said...

That owl head tilt is absoltutely the best! Good catch there.

Carole Hannigan said...

I agree with Judy Wood. Especially the double tilt boogie.