Sunday, June 26, 2016

i've been everywhere

in the month since i last posted, i have been to yellowstone, red lodge montana, grand teton national park, lubbock and memphis. i've been lucky to travel in good company & spend time with good friends.

i have been lucky enough to see all sorts of wildlife

we watched this griz mom and her cubs for at least 2 hours. first time i've seen grizzly cubs and ii was so much fun to be able to see and shoot them.

all sorts of babies in the park in early june- including ravens

and orange buffalo calves

we drove over the beartooth highway  above timberline 

and into grand teton national park

and back to fairfield, where i was able to increase my bird photo catalog with a burrowing owl

and the elusive kestral- they are spooky and i've been after a good shot for years-

then for something completely different, memphis- 

home of the blues- got to tour sun studios, visit all sorts of blues museums and historical points, listen to good music, eat good barbeque and renew an acquaintance with an old friend who was happy to show me her town.

we went to delta state to see an exhibit of masks of blues musicians made by a blind artist

and to the national ornamental metal museum

 i feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to explore so much. as different as these places are, they all had an impact and i am so excited to get back in the studio and see what happens. i know there will be a lot more blues playing!

i did get started on a journal page for the yellowstone adventure today. it's a lot of fun going back through everything and remembering and commemorating the journey.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes


Carole Hannigan said...

Great to catch up after all of these many long years. Glad to show you Memphis. Come back anytime...preferably not summer. Blah!

P.S. You forgot to include Elvis doing Elvis.

Pam McKnight said...

Great post! And great quote!

Barb said...

Marianne, you've been to some scenic and fascinating places. I really enjoyed you wildlife photos. Wow to the grizzly and cubs!