Sunday, May 1, 2016

what's the point?

so many days that art is not made. work is done for the job that makes all things possible, errands run, books read, life happens but art does not.....that's OK unless it goes on for too long....i start getting hard on myself.

here's the first art that touched me this week- literally- travis berg created this beautiful memorial with no guidance beyond sugar skull and dogs. i love this tattoo.

then there's this-

wildflowers always amaze me- the growth under such harsh conditions reminding me of the powers of resilience and patience

trying to decide what to take to paris, what to leave- knowing full well that i always take too much, and challenging myself to use everything i take

i did this w/c sketch on Saturday- Hell's Canyon vineyard- with help from Jaki & Lisa on perspective, dumping the insignificant stuff and using w/c......

so, what goes to FRA? 3 sketchbooks for sure- the one i made for this year's trips, the F/E dictionary and a random w/c book.....

trying to keep the implements to a dull roar (without much success)

here i am, excited about the trip, but having trepidation and not making art. trying out media and surfaces- makes sense to know where you're going.

not always possible. sometimes gotta let it happen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

the point is- make someone think, flinch, smile, jump, run, fly- help someone fly-
the point is- there is no point, only art and what you believe it to be
the point is- do it for yourself- it's ok if it's a sketchbook rather than a canvas, it's ok if no one sees it but me-

i'll be in paris this time next week- :)

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