Sunday, May 15, 2016

finally made it to paris

and wow- it was worth the travel time- ( 3 plus to O'Hare, 8 plus over, 9 back)

 such a charming city- just take a walk and look around

i love the rooftops and clay chimneys- they say Paris to me even though this was my first visit- probably thanks to Hollywood

there's iconic Paris-

revolutionary Paris

 and this is what i see Paris:

can't wait to see what art comes from this. i journaled and brought home plenty of ephemera, we'll see where this goes.

there's a quote that says that everywhere you go becomes a part of you. i believe that wholeheartedly, and endeavor to be conscious of that fact- to bring the best of where i go into myself. i'm always looking for the best places in the towns i visit for work or vacation. paris was a very pleasant surprise. not that i didn't expect a good trip- i did. but i was so very charmed- everyone was nice, all of the food was amazing, everything went the way it was supposed to, we didn't have horrible lines anywhere, etc., etc. loved it. it was easy to see why so much great art has been created here. 


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Barb said...

Love the Paris shots and the last of you is fabulous. I think you're getting younger. All that travel agrees with you!