Sunday, April 17, 2016

tools- so many options, so little room to pack.....

i love tools. i'm a bit of a "gearhead" when it comes to this sort of stuff- my friends call me gadget girl. this isn't necessarily a good thing- like when i bought the first surface thinking it could replace my ipad & stand in for a laptop on short trips. too heavy, not enough battery life- which was subsequently fixed. i should have waited.

i don't believe that a person needs the most expensive equipment to do the job, only that you need to know the tools' abilities & limitations. i take photos

 with my phone

sony mirrorless camera

and the D800

each works best for me in specific instances. the D800 is wonderful, but it's heavy and i am not going to have it with me all of the time. that might mean that i'm not a serious photographer, but IMO figuring out how to make art is what matters, and if it's instagram photos that's better than not shooting.

art supplies present endless possibilities, especially for the mixed media artist. i am pretty comfortable using oil and acrylic paints, but have always been terrified of watercolor. you can't paint over mistakes! things need to be planned! the white of the paper is used as the white in the painting- frightening stuff. when i started using watercolors for my travel journals i never gave much thought to the quality of the paint. i just looked for kits that were easy to pack. 

being gadget girl, i ended up with 3 of them. (one purchased after i tried to pare down my travel kit & take only pens. silly me- i got to lubbock, needed color & bought a paint set). the 3 on the right are, from left to right, the first 3 in order of purchase.

for my birthday my sister and nephew gave me a certificate to blick. i have a few big trips planned this year, including one to paris, and used the money to upgrade to a winsor newton 1/2 pan kit (far left above)

the sketches on the left done with the w/n paints- the color is more luminous, the paints are nicer to use. there is a definite difference. ( as there should be for the price!)

i found these cool art graf pigment discs in houston last week. i've been enjoying playing with water soluble graphite & these offer the same characteristics with limited colors. different feel and workability than watercolor. the bird head below is art graf & w/s graphite. the owl is done with inktense sticks. these are also water soluble and can be applied with a brush (used like watercolor) and/or used to draw with. the difference is that they are ink and do not reactivate. i sprayed water on the owl today and nothing moved.

now i am trying to figure out what, realistically, i "need" to take to paris in my travel art kit. 

 i am also realizing that i need to practice with whatever i plan to take, as this is a very different way of working than i am used to, and i want to be able to use what i bring with me well. i've been doing test runs the past few work trips on the pen side of things, but now i need to work on this part. 

fun stuff- stay tuned!

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Barb said...

As you know, I know nothing about art process (except maybe photography), so I really enjoy reading your posts. You're so committed to your art - even while traveling. I'll be waiting for your update!