Sunday, April 10, 2016

music is magic

i had the opportunity to tell another artist how much i like their work last weekend. 

lyle lovett was here for a vintage motorcycle race. i have seen him several times and long admired his music. saw him again a few weeks ago with robert earl keene. my hubby pointed mr. lovett out (as he was graciously having photos taken with people) and i thought- "i like it when people tell me that they enjoy my art- what the hell?". so i walked up, told him how much we enjoyed the show and he was so gracious and genuine and truly appreciative- he asked me for my name, thanked us for coming out and said they had fun playing- what a class act.

so that was fun but i don't feel like i'm making much art these days. 

then i try to give myself a break and remember that i experienced (and recorded) this

and remind myself to breathe. that we're all on a path, there's no finish line, no judge. i will paint again.

art is so much about sharing for me, which is a large part of why music speaks to me. 

"To make a song is a gift, and once it's done it keeps evolving and changing and becomes a tool to interact with other people. It's like a conversation."

 Ryan Adams

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