Sunday, April 3, 2016


what a difference a few weeks makes. i knew that this page wasn't done, but i had to let it sit.

now it's done-

i got to go to the desert for inspiration. first time in death valley, hopefully not the last- what a vast, mysterious, beautiful place. missed the super bloom, but could see how amazing it must have been-

and there were  wildflowers at higher elevations-

joshua trees are pretty cool-

and random desert sculpture gardens are always inspiring

 spent some time journaling- long layover in san fran

 quicker work in the small book

one completed page

grateful for the inspiration and for the time to make art. it's good to work, even if not on pieces destined to hang on a wall. it's good to create and to be surrounded by creation. nature heals- so does art.

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Barb said...

Marianne, I love examining your journals. There are so many interesting images, words, and colors. The blooming cactus is so pretty! We just returned from a little trip to the Glenwood Springs area - we biked and hiked. Coming back over Vail Pass we were caught in a blizzard (sigh...).