Monday, April 25, 2016

art on "the road"

off to lubbock last week. love looking out the window of the plane & seeing big fluffy white clouds casting shadows.

i had lots of work and little spare time, so just completed 2 pages in my travel journal. i'm making an effort to find new things to draw in hotel rooms- it's a bit more of a challenge on an airplane (but i should get pretty good at drawing wine glasses.....). the third panel is part of my continuing quest to understand my tools before going to paris. the paints react differently with various papers, and these books are old, with fragile paper, so i need to be careful.

i've been making marks in journals in different ways to see what i am most comfortable with, and how the media responds. i am really liking the water soluble graphite. the ones below are from derwent, and the colors included- prussian blue and sage green are two- make this a nice addition to the blocks. but i don't think that they're easily packable on a long flight.

seeing how pens/markers work over different backgrounds. i then sprayed water to see which would run, which would stay. so now i have an idea how to whittle down the pen/marker selection.

i also tried my hand at a watercolor still life in my studio. i haven't ever painted with watercolor- it's a difficult medium- so this is all new to me. i've only used them in my little antique dictionary travel journal. i want to have a better grasp on how they work on better paper. 

one thing i discovered is that the winsor newton kit doesn't have black (which is ok- i'm used to mixing blacks and actually prefer doing that), but it also doesn't have the brown and blue i am used to using to mix black. the brown isn't dark enough. i ended up using water soluble graphite for the blacks here, may need to switch out a color or two in my kit.

next up- what journal(s) to take? jaki and pam were telling me to take only one, but i don't think that will work. i'll do a few test runs this week and report back-

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