Monday, February 22, 2016

one step forward- or knowing when to take a break

on monday, molly lost her battle with osteosarcoma. if heart could have beat it, she'd still be with us. she was charging out the door to meet the world until the end. she left us as she did everything else- on her own terms. we woke up and she was gone- no letting anyone else decide for her. rest in peace, molly- we miss you

losing molly and coming down with a cold it was a bit of a struggle to feel like creating. morning pages are hard to do. all i want to do is curl up with some mindless reading and drift off to sleep.

of course, the job that pays the bills has other ideas and i was off to lubbock again. lucky enough to enjoy this beautiful view from a window seat

i am also disciplined enough to make myself draw in my travel journal, so i did finish a 2 page spread-

i received a post on my great wide open art facebook page from the person who purchased my valentine for aids- . i always like to hear from people who have my art- i love that my pieces go off into the world and mean different things to people. it's as though they develop a life of their own after leaving the studio. it's nice how these reminders come at the right time- as i'm feeling a bit down about creating and getting anything out there, getting a note from someone like this is a big boost.

the cold came on with a vengeance and it was couch and book and nyquil and nap time for much of the weekend. i managed to get into the studio yesterday afternoon to work on my print for the wingtip press leftovers print exchange, but i just couldn't get it done. i couldn't get the area next to the stem of the wineglass right. i'm sure that with a bit more work it would be OK but at this point i was tired and cranky and decided that sometimes instead of taking 2 steps back it's better to just stop. so i did.

looking forward to feeling better and getting going again next week. down time is a necessary part of the process for me, and i know that, but i do miss being in my studio and creating too. it's going to be a couple of weeks before that's a possibility, so it's going to be photography and drawing and planning in the meantime. 

til next week-


Barb said...

Marianne, I'm so sorry to hear of Molly's death. Losing her and then getting sick must certainly pull you down. I hope the next weeks bring you healing along with creativity.

Robbie said...

So sorry on your's so hard to lose our fur babies..they are, after all, our children!