Sunday, February 7, 2016


absolutely love that there's a little colorado flag in this photo taken at dia-

this week was denver then fort worth. not much time for play- but that's how it goes sometimes. get there, work; move on, work; get home, work.....

i'm so grateful that i have the day job that allows me to travel and to live in boise and make a good living. i think about that every time i am stuck in traffic in another city with people who have to fight that battle daily.

but- i will be home 7 of the next 28 days- that's right- one week of the next 4. not concurrently. some of it's vacation, but it's still a huge amount of time not to be home. huge.

there are local events that are important to me to be a part of. 

another is the annual leftovers print exchange (even tho i am not much of a print maker). this one raises funds and consciousness about food safety and accessibility, so a food theme is appreciated. i'm going with an image from my travel journal-

needs a bit more work, but that's why test prints, right? got some input from lisa that helped and feeling like i may have something acceptable by the due date. having fun playing with printmaking- and loving incorporating something i drew into the process. everything is connected.

off to chicago/portland/lubbock/the keys/chicago with a day or two at home in between. can't wait to see what i learn :)

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