Sunday, January 17, 2016

what happens in the studio

here's what happens when an artist applies to shows (or for anything juried). we pick what we believe to be our best work that fits the call to artists- and maybe we look to see who the juror is & tailor submitted work to that. we're careful to submit the right sized, correctly named files (sometimes after the first time we're rejected for not doing so). then we wait. 

and quite often the piece taken is not the one we thought (or wanted). or we're rejected entirely. or they take something that in our eyes was a total long shot. but we remind ourselves to be grateful that something was accepted.

of the 3 pieces i submitted to the march BOSCO flash show the one that got in was the 2013 piece (at top), not the new work. the new work that i made a point of making vs. the one i threw in bc we could enter 3. the new work that i was excited about. 

so i asked for feedback, which is always a better thing to do than wonder, and it boiled down to juror's preference. wanting an "edgier" piece. get that- every juror has a vision and the show has to hang together. i'm glad i asked, tho, bc this is a new medium for me and if they suck (aka aren't up to snuff) i want someone to be the brave soul to tell me.

next up- valentine for aids- this is a fundraiser held in boise every year where it's possible to score lots of great local art. i've been participating for the last 4-5 years- there's a waiting list- and am delighted to be a participating artist. i challenge myself to raise more $ every year. and pad that bet by making a bigger piece of art :)

i love the energy of the raven's outline in the top image. i sketched her out with black gesso after w few glasses of wine and love everything about her. only i knew i needed more definition- how to do that without losing the energy? and- how does this track with valentines day?

finished piece- i maybe didn't succeed entirely, but i like her- the heart was the tie in needed for v day- it took me a while to figure out how to make her track. although what i probably love best is her- yeah, OK expression-

similar thing here- love the shape and energy of the doe, but she needs more definition (ie-this is a boring painting without a focus). maybe it's just that all of the elements are equally strong-

and below- after a bit more work-(i admit- i'm longing a bit to go back to the ghost deer piece and glaze the background really dark. make her pop. too late.)

instead i gave her body. and i still love the lines. i can play with the ghost later- this one needed eyes and substance.

that's my random studio life last week- glad to have had studio time- back on the road next week-stay tuned for the view from the window seat-

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Barb said...

I don't know how you do it - decide which of your works to submit. When I was writing for publication, an editor would sometimes make suggestions for changes that I hated. But, I'd make them if I wanted to see the piece in print. Maybe that's how it works - creativity is actually hard work and constantly making changes, sometimes taking into account the suggestions of others. I do like that Raven's expression!