Sunday, January 31, 2016

movement and changes

on the road (or in the air, to be precise) again this week- off to lubbock-

 i find myself so grateful for my art journal practice- grateful to be making art and working on my skills while i'm so far away from my studio. here's the setup on the airplane-

the completed sketch

and the 2 page spread-

due to my travel schedule and lack of regular art income, i am redefining my art practice in other ways. i find myself unable to continue participating in the local open studios group. i've been a member of BOSCO for quite a while, and have served on the board for the past several years, but it no longer works for me. it's sad to move on, because i have really enjoyed being part of the group, but it's time. as i was feeling low about this, i got an email asking if i wanted to be profiled in a local arts blog- that necessary breath of fresh air, the universe letting me know it will be ok. i am excited to see what opportunities arise- i'm going to have to get creative about showing and selling art but that's ok, i've done it before.

managed to get out of town and into the snow this weekend. trying out my new lens- a 28-300 nikkor. i think it's going to be super versatile and a great general purpose travel lens.

miss molly- she can't go far, but she will go hard for as long as she can- so good to see her playing, if only briefly.

lastly, work on the totem series tonight. i thought this was done until my husband said something about angel deer in a beam of light from above. i think i may need to make the background look more like a tree. branches or something.

and another started this evening.

my goal is to complete 6 or more of these then find a place to show them. happy new year! what changes are you making?

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Barb said...

You know the old saying about closing a door and opening another. Your art has evolved since I've known you so why shouldn't your art group/associations change, too? Why don't I ever have a seat-mate this interesting on a plane? Love the compositions of your wintry photos.