Sunday, January 24, 2016

making my 2016 travel journal

so many fun trips coming up this year- i needed a new travel journal to take along with me. i love making these books. they begin with a regular manila folder, painted and collaged to give it strength, flexibility and character. i've included images for all of the vacations planned so far- the keys, death valley, paris & yellowstone, with the tetons thrown in for good luck- and pertinent words.

once i'm happy with the look and feel of the cover, it gets trimmed to size. this will be about 7.25'x6.25', which i've found to be a good size- small enough to bring along, big enough to draw in.

next, i generally sew the layers together- both for looks and texture and to keep things from separating, especially the edges that were cut. my sewing machine was acting up, so i opted to hand stitch the edges on this one. step one- hole punching with an awl.

i varied thread and stitching for fun. here's the inside cover. the button on the inside provide reinforcement for the closure on the outside- it will keep the thread from pulling through.

here you can see the first one of these i made, in 2014, on the left. it's nearly full- has been traveling with me for work for a year and has held up pretty well. 

these books have 5 signatures of 8 pages each. i tear the pages using a metal ruler for a nice deckle edge, 4 12x7 pages for each signature. i sprayed some of the pages with walnut ink, to have a few pages to help me overcome white page syndrome if needed.

next up is determining the type of binding to use & punching holes. this is a tacketed binding. i laid it out on the inside of the cover.

then remembered that it's a much better look to have the punch go from the outside in-

next up- punching holes in the signatures. they're typically a bit smaller than the cover, so a new template is created. this stand is a handy tool that my friend lisa made & gave me for christmas last year- love it, it makes this so much easier! this is one of the pages stained with walnut ink.

the completed binding. i like this and am curious to see how it holds up. should be good, and the book should lay nice & flat.

and last (but certainly not least!) the accessorizing- here's the finished product, front

and back

can't wait to put her to use!

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