Sunday, January 3, 2016

hello 2016

our molly, 6 years old, has osteosarcoma- as i understand it, she will leave us sooner rather than later. she is a funny, strong, sweet girl. if sheer will and guts could beat cancer she would. however, this is evidently an especially nasty one. and really painful. she had a tumor in her left hock that had broken the bone in 3 places- and she never let on that she hurt. we had her leg amputated on december 21- not to save her life, as the cancer will show up elsewhere- but because it seems to be the best way to give her a good goodbye- as in a few more relatively pain free and happy months. 

i've spent time with mol the past few weeks- nursing her through the amputation and just hanging with her. she's already adjusting to being a 3 legged dog quite well- we only wish it was a cure.

although molly's prognosis put a bit of a damper on the holidays, i did spend time with friends- 

live music, stand up bass & all on new years eve-

a beautiful snowy mountain sunrise and mimosas, poinsettias with pickled herring and black eyed peas for good luck on new years day-

and the journal record or the week's festivities

i came back wanting to create, and needing to complete submissions for a BOSCO small works show. not motivated to do the usual mixed media. i've had a press for a long time..... but the egret didn't quite work either- back to the drawing board.

i went thru my images from 2015 and found this shot- taken at DFW on the day that the United computers crashed, weather was causing problems and lots of us were stuck. she reminded me of the excitement and possibility of travel. of the fun of watching your bags come off the belt; wearing the sun hat and t shirt cuz it's vacation- even if it's 35 at home. possibilities. a good new years thought.

so i made the photo black & white & traced it on a piece of linoleum. gave the background endless possibilities- my original thought was that this would be mixed media printmaking, and that i'd add to the print. now i'm not so sure about that. this is the test print, and i made adjustments to the blocky black shapes in the hat. it's hard to figure out how to get gray/halftones on linocuts.

here she is after a little more work-and i'm happy with her

for this show we can enter up to 3 pieces, max size 8x8. she's 5x7. 

here's the other 5x7 piece i've been working on. i am actually pleased that i worked out the clouds, and how to get the lower left of the raven's wing out of the moon but still clear. the studio gang liked this one better than i do- i'll take that :)

i did this one a few years ago, but never did much with her- i like it tho- so did the gals- one of them said they could hear her- which works for me!

so- here are my 3 entries for the first show of the year. my challenge is to get good prints on my press tomorrow to have images to enter. i bought my press a few years ago and haven't used it, so this is hardly a given. wish me luck! 

i'm starting the new year knowing that i am likely saying goodbye to a treasured friend and faithful companion, hoping that i do right by her and let her go when she's ready; grateful for the friends i have, the laughter and tears we share; trying something new for me art-wise and curious to see what 2016 has in store- best to all of you-

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