Sunday, January 10, 2016

gearing up for 2016

wow- i have been home for 3 weeks in a row! one more and i'm off again, so i'm working on getting ahead of things. one need is a new travel journal. i make these myself out of manilla folders with layers of paint, gel medium & collage. this is the first one i made, january of 2014:

it accompanies me on business trips and contains a lot of hotel lamp drawings

and other things

there are a few more trips left in her, but given the fun planned for the first half of 2016 (Portland, the Keys, Death Valley, Paris and Yellowstone) i thought i had better make myself another. here's the cover drying- with a nod to most of the places i'll be going. 

once there are enough layers on this for it to be appropriately pliable and sturdy, i will cut it to size, decide what paper to use (most likely stonehenge as it's a good sturdy all purpose paper, but maybe include something different to mix it up; maybe stain some pages). i'll share the construction.

the other journal i travel with is an old swedish/english dictionary that a friend gave me. i love this and use it all of the time. it's easy to do a quick drawing on a quarter page (the book is about 7x5), the text makes an interesting background and helps with blank page syndrome. 

it's also a really great size- small enough to take along easily but not tiny. 

thought it would be fun to have a similar french/english dictionary for paris. and- i found one! the same dictionary, even- on etsy!!! yay!!! now i just need to weed down the marker collection......

another thing that had to be done is my donation for valentine for aids, a local fundraiser that benefits local citizens living with HIV/AIDS. had to have the piece done by january 27th, figured i may as well get it done. so here it is- "all you need", 16x12 mixed media on board. not your basic happy sappy valentine, but she works for me. my goal is always to make more money for them than i did the prior year, hoping someone wants to take her home.

and i started the process of translating this mule deer doe to a 20x16 board. 

this is where i see the journaling really paying off. in the past, i would have gridded things out to get proportion or limited the size so i could trace the figure, but i have enough confidence and ability to draw. same with the raven. so many more possibilities!

that's it for this week- i was able to spend some time in the studio, which is a great treat! one more week at home to play a bunch and then you'll probably start seeing from a window seat photos again.... which isn't so bad either- all of that travel last year is certainly contributing to a lot of fun this year-


Barb said...

Marianne, You're certainly going to visit some fabulous locales in 2016! I don't know how you do it - I'd be constantly jet-lagged. You're a pro traveler! Do you often look back in your journal and see where you were and what you were doing the previous year? It's amazing to me that you take time for your art even on these trips. The elements in your Valentine mixed-media are so different and unique. I love the expression on the raven's face, a kind of melancholy.

marianne said...

Hi Barb- some fabulous locales and lots of basic business trips! which help me get to the fab locales.....I do look back in my journals- and on Facebook- to reflect. Thanks for your comment on the Valentine- it took me a bit to figure out how to pull it together! Happy 2016!