Sunday, December 11, 2016

daily drawings and traveling art kit

here's my daily drawing kit. i do have a few journals that i use- the swedish english dictionary in the upper left and 2 stillman & birn journals- one soft covered and one hard.

i love these watercolor pencils. bought them cuz i liked the tin- easier to bring along than a wide 12 by. soon found out that they're softer and blend better than the others i had used.

pens- i love pens. the staedtler pigment liners are the best. i also really love water soluble graphite- the derwent graphitone pencils and the art graf tailor blocks.

lastly- the watercolor kit. a gift from my sis & nephew. i would have never spent this much for a travel kit but i'm glad i have it- love the quality of the pigment. 

these are the tools that i use most often. i keep trying to reduce and refine, but this is where i end up. this and my camera (aka phone)

more daily drawings to follow, now you know how they're made

Sunday, December 4, 2016

dear universe- i hear you

 this is the art i have been making mostly for the past year- drawing in my journal. learning media and practicing my drawing.

this work has led to me wanting to work on paper, and to pieces like those below (both of which are sold)

 drawing has also led to my totem series, paintings of animals from photos i've taken over backgrounds incorporating their spiritual meaning. part of the reason i wanted to learn to draw is to be able to render animals without gridding or tracing. 

i'm pleased with the results- the top one was chosen for a boise weekly cover

these communicate what i want them to as well- i'm proud of them

so i've been following my path as best i can given that life happens. 

the universe has recently made it clear that it's time to make art. i sold two pieces at the beginning of our first thursday show in november (the raven & buffalo above); was commissioned to do a raven piece (below); had a friend ask about christmas cards & buy some and got an invite to participate in a holiday studio open house with a good friend and amazing artist.

 oh, and got sucked into cyber monday and bought nikon wildlife kit- great new camera and lens on the way. the other epiphany is that i do take damn good photos and should be able to generate income from those.

2017 looks like the year to apply everything i learned in 2016. it's been a year of movement, growth and learning and i can't wait to see what art comes out of it-

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

daily drawings 11.28 and 11.30.16

missed the 29th- i gave myself permission. we went to see "beautiful" the musical and it was great fun. home and tired, didn't draw.

lisa came to the studio tonight. always a treat to spend time with good friends in the studio, and i haven't seen her for a while. i had a hard time starting, so i drew my journals. feels good to be able to spend time out there, changing gears from sketching to painting didn't happen tonight, but will. good to just hang out.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

daily drawing 11.20.16

daily drawing 11.19.16

 in the studio- mm in the stillman birn the the studio finishing a page started previously- too much. too fucking much

Friday, November 18, 2016

filling the well

 i am so tired. i am tired of people being nasty to each other, of divisiveness and hatefulness and us against them. i am tired of not being home and not making art and not seeing my husband and dogs and friends. tired of uncertainty. i have a nasty cold and just want to curl up in front of a fire with hot toddies and a stack of books until spring.

i'm usually pollyanna, annoyingly so, i suspect. but right now, i need a minute.

my company is reorganizing and i don't know if i will still have a job with them next year. i know that i have good friends who will be affected. we all understand that's part of how it goes when working for a large corporation, and i have faith that it will work out for the best, but it remains unsettling.

without going all gloom and doom and hand wringing i am just amazed that my country elected a man who is about to stand trial for corruption and for rape (a 15 year old, no less); a man supported by the KKK; a man who brags about not paying taxes and not paying people who do work for him because he's so smart, president. i am trying to figure out what positive steps i need to make to stand up. i know plenty of really good people who voted for this man, i need to remember that and remain on that common ground with them while standing in the light.

i have been drawing, but i haven't really gone into any of this in journal pages or in my art. i haven't really wanted to. constant motion makes it easier to avoid going deep, and focusing on what must be done keeps me going forward. 

after 3 night business trip and one night at home i headed to florida to celebrate a friend's birthday. arrived with a nasty cold. got to spend 3 days with my dear friend just hanging out, enjoying the sun, helping her get some things done. slow down, decompress, good for the soul. time to think about what's important and be grateful for what life has brought me and remember commonalities. open to possibilities. we never know what's in the future, but i do trust myself to take care of myself and to decide to be happy.

and now, home. less travel til the end of the year. family coming for thanksgiving and a dinner planned with them and friends. studio time. time to slow down and think. time to figure out how to give back and in what ways i can make a difference. 

time to make art. looking forward to seeing what the muse has to say-

Thursday, November 10, 2016

11.10.16- dogs make everything better

daily drawing in my stillman & birn epsilon. daler rowney wc pencils and ws graphite, stadtler liner pen.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

daily drawings 11.6_9.16

staedtler pen in the stillman & birn journal with watercolor pencils and w/s graphite.

I may not be so glad to look back on this.......

Monday, November 7, 2016


daily drawing 11.7.16

lubbock, tx

Sunday, November 6, 2016

daily drawing 11.6.16

on another plane.....

koh i noor radiograph. which i so far love except for the exploding ink part. lucky i had some wet ones to clean my hands.

daler rowney wc pencils in the bottom drawing

daily drawing 11.5.16

yeah. i went there. then i had a nice evening again. alone. in my studio. oh well. i yam what i yam. and i vote.

Friday, November 4, 2016

daily drawing 11.4.16

jack evidently doesn't find mockingjay any more exciting than baseball! staedtler liner pen, water soluble graphite and watercolor pencils.

and the first page in the  stillman & birn zeta journal that i bought in san francisco is done. i like the heavier paper in this one- it stands up to more media and wetter applications than the epsilon, but has the same nice smooth white paper that works so well with's a snapshot of my last week. this one doesn't go on the road with me, hence the break in dates.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

daily drawing 11.3.16

not pretty, but done.....

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

daily drawing 11.2.16, updated

back home, back to drawing jack...... this was my attempt at staying chill.

it's now 6-6, going into overtime with a rain delay. i'm going to bed. 

jack is drawn with a staedtler liner and colored with derwent watercolor pencils & art graf w/s graphite.

well- I didn't go to bed, AND THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Monday, October 31, 2016

daily drawing 10.31.16

little swisster snoozing on her dog bed- ink, water soluble graphite

Sunday, October 30, 2016

studio m show and daily drawing 10.30.16

hung my first show in over a year today- yay! this one is really fun because it's with the studio group. here's the story:

for several years, nancy panganiban, pam mcknight, sue rooke, jaki katz, lynn fraley, lisa cheney and myself have gotten together regularly in my studio for art and discussion. the fellowship and creativity that flows from these sessions enriches our art practices. We learn new techniques, try out different media, solve problems and share ideas and opportunities.

nancy and i met when we took art lessons with kathy wren, who died of cancer in 2007. one of the last things she said to me was “promise me that you’ll still get together and paint”. we found various places to do that over the years. pam came to an open group we set up in the side room at boise blue. i met jaki through the art source gallery and sue, lynn and lisa through BOSCO (we all became members eventually).

once my studio was built, studio sundays began. the group works in a variety of media (sculpture, assemblage, printmaking, oil and acrylic painting, mixed media and mixed media collage, bookmaking, art journaling) and styles and it’s been interesting to see how we encourage/influence each other to branch out. we travel to studio m annex in fairfield annually for a weekend of art making and have art dates around town on occasion as well. 

here's a sample of what's on the walls- (missing nancy's work)

i am looking forward to sharing first thursday with these women. it's so much fun to see our art hanging together, just us as a group. these women have helped me figure out how to finish pieces, celebrated successes, commiserated over set backs, taught and encouraged me so much over the years. we drink wine and laugh and have political discussions, talk about music and books and life. it's a special group, and i feel so fortunate to have them.

in other news- jack is still sleeping through baseball (i must not yell as much as i do when watching football) but at least the cubbies won tonight!