Wednesday, May 27, 2015

photo practice

we're headed off to yellowstone next week and I have been shooting with the new lens to get myself ready. pretty pleased with the results. the images below were all shot hand held, which is not optimal, but is reality much of the time. not all are as sharp as I would like, but I have ordered a beanbag to steady the lens and am experimenting with shooting at less than full extension and apertures of f8 or higher.
it helps that my nikon d800 is so amazing- 36 megapixels and good performance at high isos. since we can't afford a lens that costs as much as a car this is a wonderful alternative and I can't wait to see what shots I get in the park, where a tripod can be more of an option.

great horned owl


female tree swallow

wilson's snipe

short eared owl

bald eagles
i'm using the sony with a 70-200 lens for landscapes. like the option of not changing lenses all of the time. this camera captures images as well as the d300 did, and is much easier to pack around. 

this time of year is so beautiful, and I can't wait to see what we see in the park this year.
judy- i'd say buy the lens- you won't be sorry-

Thursday, May 21, 2015

the view from up here

since i'm not in the gallery any more and have freed my mind from the "must make new art" track i'm just exploding with ideas.
being in the gallery and making myself produce was good for me. it matters to me to be a working artist- which means making art regularly. that experience was a great practice. i made the decision not to repeat the art that i hung and was able to do that for a long time. i learned a lot about my process and about working as an artist.
i started traveling more for work, feeling less inspired to make what had been selling, having less time to be involved.
traveling lends itself to my first love, photography. i love being able to shoot with my phone. i love the retro camera app. i am an annoying facebooker and instagrammer (handy thing to do when bored in airports).
i also love maps and geography and knowing what i am looking at from an airplane window. i love seeing things i recognize- the grand, the mississippi delta, mt hood, the golden gate bridge- out of an airplane window and getting a new perspective. i was sooooo excited when i pinpointed centennial marsh flying in to boise one day.
and- i take pictures.

i feel a series brewing- this one will be more about photography than painting. i love the scratched plane windows and reflections. i love how amazing it is to be able to fly places, and that i am lucky enough to do that as often as i do.
i hope to share that sense of awe and amazement. i am also very grateful to feel that way about flying (mostly) when so much of it isn't fun any more.
there may be a public art proposal in here.......

Monday, May 18, 2015

into the great wide open

since I am leaving the gallery at the end of may, all pressure to create new art is off. I am free to spend time playing- I helped my step daughter make a book for some of her wedding memories.
I am spending time with my camera again, soaking up inspiration in the beauty of the natural world

with my traffic box money from ketchum, I bought a new lens- a tamron 150-600- and am enjoying the extra reach- can't wait to get to yellowstone to use it!

and there's still journaling and bookmaking going on....
i'm curious to see where this goes. i'd like to continue to make and sell journals. to that end, i'm going back to my website to update & refresh it- stay tuned on that. thinking about trying out etsy, which will mean more blogging and tutorials to generate interest.
I have a few BOSCO shows coming up, so there's till reason for making new 2D art too- oil painting is sounding fun again. stay tuned!