Sunday, December 27, 2015

Home for the Holidays and printmaking fun

since my last post, i traveled to lubbock and now have the luxury of 3 weeks at home!

one goal for this time is definitely getting in the studio. i've been able to do that a bit, although one of our dogs had major surgery and time has been spent sitting with her, keeping her calm & tending her needs since she can't get around well. she is feeling better, and i have gotten some studio time in the past few nights (with the help of my husband doing dog duty).

i have a few things to prep for- a BOSCO small works (under 8x10) show, valentine for aids and the leftovers print exchange. it feels like so long since i have made an actual piece of art- not a sketch or a book. the last was the moose, but he's the first in a long time.

i have been making backgrounds for the totem series, and started another 8x8 for the BOSCO show, but was uninspired. while molly has been recovering i've been rereading books on printmaking. i need to do something for the print exchange anyway. that sounded like a lot more fun to me than forcing something for the small works show, so i started working on something in the studio today.

this is going to be a process for me- i haven't done enough of these to see how it's going to look finished. so i pulled a test print- hand burnished- and saw that work remained to be done.

round 2:

and 3:

and 4:

i need to clean the beak area up- duh- the beak is dark, so i should have it surrounded by light- but i feel definitely on the right track & inspired to play some more. i'm intrigued by printing and then going back in with color- watercolor or ink- maybe doing a series of prints and finishing them differently.

and- i will get around to using my press. these were hand pulled just because it seemed easier to do it that way when i'm still working on the linoleum but i'm sure that as i use the press it will seem just as easy.

here's to learning new skills! hope to have a finished piece to share soon-

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Barb said...

Came by to wish you a happy and productive 2016, Marianne. Hope your doggie is better. Enjoy your time off.