Sunday, November 22, 2015

the space between


it took me 14 hours to get to fort worth on tuesday- nearly 3 times the usual travel time. gave me lots of time to read- tom petty's biography, which made me really happy- and to ponder being in transit. which is a state that can be (and often is) viewed as a necessary evil and something to be endured. it can also be appreciated as a place to stop and catch one's breath and just be. the spaces between- the transit times- are necessary fuel.

when i finally got to my hotel all i wanted was food and a glass of wine, but both had to wait until i finished my sketch. it's always interesting to see what happens when i pull the kit out. either people have no interest (or act like that) or they ask questions. i had a very nice woman ask what i was doing here and say she had a friend who is a watercolor painter. to which i replied "oh, that's really hard, i don't really do watercolors" and immediately realized that she saw me painting in my book with watercolors. maybe i do do watercolors......

here's this trip's page in the travel journal-

i appreciate that disciplining myself to draw in the journal each trip makes me think about where i am and grounds me- making me more aware of using my transit time rather than figuring out ways to "kill" it.

it's interesting to try to sit with myself when sitting is the last thing i want to do ever, anywhere. that's the thing about being in transit- it's possible to distract oneself, but at some point giving in to the journey is much more enlightening.

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Robbie said...

It's a wonderful idea to journal your travel! And so interesting for your blog readers to see!! Wonderful work!! And yes, you are a watercolor artist! HA