Sunday, November 15, 2015


 this week's trip was to chicago, the mother ship

i am fortunate enough to stay downtown in michigan avenue and enjoy the city, even though i'm there for work. i love it.

i'm also fortunate to work in a group who understands the value of doodling, and who were more interested than annoyed when i completed the upper right hand corner during a meeting. watercolors and all. ( lots of talking, not so much interaction)

pleased to practice drawing on my trip again. got home and the world changed. 

the first is a friday night reaction. an i am drinking wine in my studio, feeling helpless and pissed off and appalled and needing to express it reaction. 

same feeling, different day- (today)

 a) so happy to have this outlet to think things through. b) i am pretty freaked that the main casualties were from a rock show- art is an easy thing to target. music brings people together. driving people apart is what this shit is about. we get to choose how we react. we can decide to try to barricade the doors and keep the scary ones out or we can invite everyone in and work to change hearts and minds.

i know where i land-

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