Monday, November 2, 2015

finding time

once again, there's been lots of this-

leading to most art opportunities being of this variety:

 so i am really grateful that i've learned about and decided to practice art journaling. it sounds so much less intimidating than carrying a sketchbook. so it is. still loving using the old dictionary, and quarter pages- all conspiring to make me actually draw. 

and there's always photography

and the fact that every experience, recorded or not, leaves an impression.

i was fortunate to be in carlsbad national park to see the bats leave the caverns at night. we were asked to turn off phones and cameras and it reminded me that i am removed from an experience when behind the lens. the desire to record and share can take away from being in the moment. i sat and watched bats spiral out of the cave with the full moon rising in the background and a redtail hawk cruising for dinner. it was one of the most beautiful, mesmerizing things i have ever seen. and would have been very difficult to capture "on film".

there has been a bit of studio time, dedicated to trying out some new supplies (inktense blocks- fun!)

and finishing up some more journals for sale.

i am looking forward to seeing what comes out of all of this. starting the artists way this week with some friend, which will add more to think about. for someone who isn't introspective naturally, i seem to be headed that direction. fall is a good time for it- we'll see how i do-

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