Sunday, November 8, 2015

a way of life

i received a questionnaire from a student who came to my studio on BOSCO weekend. he's writing a paper on a community & selected the artist community. i enjoyed answering the questions, as i'm not generally introspective & it's good for me to think about things. one question in particular resonated:

Is your art a way of life or just a hobby? Although I have a full time day job art is a way of life. It's important for me to express myself, and the community of friends I have is very important to me. I find ways to incorporate art into my life- when I travel for business I take lots of photos with my phone, I take my journal to draw in- it relaxes me and gives me something of my own to do. I'm interested in exploring. All of this feeds my art when I do get back to the studio.

and that's how it is- that's why all of the photos, and carrying around the journals and pens, etc. it's a way of life. so where ever i'm traveling, i fit it in- by visiting an art supply store, drawing in my journals, taking photos & instagramming, going to a museum or seeing new landscapes.

it was denver this week. out tuesday & wednesday. even being gone for one night seems like so much more sometimes- especially if weeks of travel pile up. because so do obligations at home.

this week's pages- which i finished up with molly's paw at home-that's part of the trip too, coming home-

some friends and i are doing the artists' way. we're just getting started- it's a 12 week commitment to work through the book. we'll be meeting on thursday nights until done. one key exercise is doing morning pages- writing 3 pages of- anything- first thing in the morning. i've been doing pretty well with this for the past several weeks. it is a good way to dump stuff out of my brain.

i did manage to finish up 5 more journals- now to photo & put on etsy, then run to the BENCH. i felt the need to finish these before going back to painting or doing anything else, so it's good that they're done.

also found time to doodle with art supplies purchased in roswell-

it seems to be a little bit of this, then some of that and not really spending time on anything consistently. been looking at those journals for a long time, glad to have them complete. i then went back to the moose. i started this during open studios weekend, and had drawn the moose on the background with white pencil. then i decided to knock the writing on the left back with another coat of paint. which, because i applied it very very watered down, dissolved the drawing.

but- i do like the background better. so i went back & drew him in again today- and even started painting him. i had to get myself past a block on that- it's been a while since i have painted- but i feel like i have a decent start now.

it's hard to feel so fragmented with time & projects, but it's going to be that way for a while. sunday studio time is essential for me to at least get something done. working the artists way will be good too- the other essential tool is to make an artist date with yourself weekly. it can be anything, as long as it's dedicated to thinking about art, seeing differently, opening your mind & nurturing the artist within. this i can do ( and really already do a lot) when i travel.

off to chicago tomorrow. need to find time in there somewhere to do chapter 1 a.w. exercises & be ready to discuss on thursday- that should keep me out of trouble :)

til next week-

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