Monday, September 21, 2015

Yikes- where does the time go? boi/den/boi/dfw/hou/boi

i somehow missed posting last week- after doing so well.
went to denver and diligently drew on my trip- helpful breaking it up into 4 pieces. also helpful using a small book with text on the pages (which helps with fear of blank page). it's nice to work on my art even though i'm not actively making art when i'm traveling.
there was studio sunday
next up: texas- first ft worth

then a drive to houston


dinner with a friend and another hotel room

long flight home with beautiful cloudscapes

and more drawing practice- finished w/ color at home.

home to fall weather. i'm a sucker for light through flower petals- especially low light through glowy yellow flowers- here's a shot from saturday's hike. love this time of year.

then we celebrated lynn's birthday with a journaling party- started this yesterday, finished in the studio today-
and off to a block party. this sketchbook is a swedish/english dictionary that my friend gave me. it was her grandmother's. the party was at my friend's house, and I took the book to show her how it was being used now. and drew the spread below while I was at it.
i'm rather pleased with all of the drawing i've done. glad that i am pulling out the books and pens and doing it. glad that i can look and say- you might work on that perspective, but you drew and captured the feel, so it's good. just start.
lastly- dave and phil alvin and wonderful live music tonight. it's all about the guitar for me

i don't mean for these posts to be "here's what I did this week", tho they often end up that way. i do know that all of these things inform my art somehow. i'm not introspective but I  believe that everything is connected and know that i'm influenced by so many things that may not even occur to me until much later, if at all.
the value of writing this blog is thinking stuff through. and seeing progress. or looking at years of backlit flowers and deciding that's OK.
chicago this week, will try to keep up the drawing-


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Barb said...

Really, I can't believe how productive your plane rides are - I can never even remember what I did! I love this thought: "I believe that everything is connected and know that i'm influenced by so many things that may not even occur to me until much later, if at all." Me, too. Enjoy your fall. Our mountains are turning yellow.