Monday, September 7, 2015

i did it!

and back on the road this week- well, in the air
 and I made myself draw on the plane- the flight between Denver & Lubbock. I was good, packed light- just took sepia pens & the book.

so of course I decided it would be much better with color....and stopped in my favorite art supply store and picked up a travel watercolor kit- which now resides in my computer bag. I have one in my mobile journaling kit, but I know that if I try to move it back & forth I will never have it when and where I need it....this solves that problem.
Also picked up a vellum sketchbook- interesting surface to work on. it's fairly transparent, and I'm not sure how that's going to work, but it's a good size and I'll play with it some. Drew this at dinner, then colored & painted when I got back to the room. Drawing the flowers was interesting- I keep forgetting to do the front first- am going to try to draw the negative space on the next one, see if that works better.
then back home for the long weekend.

fall is definitely in the air- my favorite time of year.

It was chilly- as you can tell from how fluffed out this guy is. It was good to shoot my camera, even if it wasn't much.

 then back into the studio for Sunday studio night- got to catch up with the artistas, drink some wine & prep some journal backgrounds.

off to Denver next week, challenging myself to just one drawing there too.....
have a great week!


Barb said...

I'd love to sit beside you on the plane and watch you draw. I'd be exhausted with so much traveling, but you seem to thrive on it. It's cool here in the mountains, and the forest floor is turning toward fall, but the aspens are still mostly green.

marianne said...

I was going to tell you that i'd be too intimidated to draw if someone was sitting next to me, but managed to do it on the way home today :)I do like seeing new places and learning- and there's always an art supply store to check out! Didn't see any patches of color when I flew this week, betting that will look different soon.