Sunday, August 9, 2015

Public Art, V 4

i was fortunate enough to be selected to do a traffic box in ketchum, id in 2013.  nothing came of it because there was some dispute over approval, and i wrote it off.

and was then contacted this year and told that things had been worked out. which made me really happy, because i was dying to do a sun valley serenade traffic box. and it's always nice to be paid for making art. 

you can see how huge this thing is- one thing i learned from previous tb experience is to pay attention to how things will look blown up- that playbill to the left of halle is bigger than i'd want. so I worked at a 1:4 ratio and kept that in mind.
since it is so large, did front, back, sides and top rather than one contiguous piece. lynn gave me a bunch of snowflakes years ago and they were perfect for this (never throw anything away). the original submission included direct references to the movie & song, but the city opted to be conservative with respect to copyright issues, so i took those out. ( i really appreciated the guidance, and the fact that the city attorneys were diligent in determining what they were comfortable with).
below, wip in my studio- done on mixed media paper-

hard to believe that ended up where it did, isn't it?
yay! for public art! this is a wonderful program- be great to see it spread far & wide!


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