Sunday, August 2, 2015

on the road- the real road-

the week started with this.....

I got home on Wednesday and got ready for a good old fashioned road trip to one of my favorite places in the world, Jackson, WY
I packed my newly nimble mobile journaling kit and even used it one night- in Fairfield, before we headed out

I love the drive across the middle of Idaho- big open skies, surrounded by mountains, not many people
 and ending up in the Tetons just makes it better

Jackson just feels like home to me- has from the minute I saw it. The mountains are amazing, the wildlife abundant, the people are great. We decided to make a summer trip and spend time in Grand Teton National Park. We go to Yellowstone regularly, but haven't spent as much time here.
That will change-

view from the porch of Jenny Lake Lodge

morning near Kelly
Emma Matilda Lake, Mt. Moran

sunset with Grand & bison
bison calf
I did haul the real cameras, but every photo here except the one above was taken with the iPhone. And Instagrammed....I'm hopeless!
Feeling rejuvenated & inspired, got back today to prepare for my August show at Idaho Blueprint and Supply. I'm doing a demo on making a travel journal- had to get all of the parts for that put together and get my artwork, tags, etc, ready to go.
A bit more prep tomorrow night, then I'm off to Houston. I'm also prepping my travel journal & have some classwork to do- nice to have something to keep me occupied in the hotel room!
if you're in Boise, stop in & see me on Thursday! Otherwise, visit again next week & see how it went :)

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