Tuesday, August 25, 2015

on following the muse

I have actually been home for 3 weeks now (excluding a weekend in Walla Walla) and I would have thought I'd be in my studio. I have a BOSCO show coming up that it would be nice to have new art for, and a few pieces started in the studio that would do nicely if I finished them.
Only the entry deadline is September 4 and I am running out of time for that to happen. haven't been taking photos, haven't been painting- I've been laying around reading, making journal page backgrounds and doing some class assignments.
I love taking classes because I put less pressure on myself when I'm learning something new. that's not quite as true for drawing, but I'm trying to be kind to myself and learn and play. I've learned that I am a pretty detailed drawer. But I'm not above editing to make it go more quickly (there are LOTS more pots in reality in the scene below- and a few pieces of garden art, etc.- but who would know?)
This one was a little easier for me, as we incorporated collage. I like the word/ collage thing and have been wanting to add drawing, so this feels good. I also stopped myself from drawing in the detail of the vines on the fence- nice to have writing to take up the space! If I am going to be disciplined around an art journaling practice, this is most likely where I will go most often. I am not by nature very contemplative, so this is a great way to think/meditate/figure stuff out. And good drawing practice.

This, I think, is pretty bad. That's OK. The assignment was to draw your house from across the street but I didn't have the right tools to add the color on the curb (watercolor wasn't working over my background), so I finished in the studio. And can tell b/c it doesn't look as immediate (or right) as it would had I done it all on the spot. Which is a great learning experience.

really scary? the self portrait exercise- but practice and learning is what it's about, not perfect art every time- and who decides perfect anyway?
And the next time I drew myself it was marginally better and went places I didn't start out going but might want to think about-
And so, tho I miss my friends at the gallery, I am so grateful to have this time to explore and learn without pressure to make new work. I understand my process well enough to know that I need these periods of learning and not producing much- there's something fermenting that will arise as a result. Also, not being introspective by nature, art journaling is a great way to think things through and not wear my friends out :)
what a gift this art journey is! I'm glad that I've learned to trust and follow my muse- even when it gets scary-


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